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Pulling the plug

I am quite sure I am not the only one to notice how wet things have been this winter so far, unfortunately this has raise an issue of maintenance frequently overlooked.

At the bottom of the windscreen where the screen ends and the bonnet parts begin there is a void which hides all manor of goodies, heater vents, windscreen wipers sometimes ECU's and pipes and hoses. Most importantly this area also has drains to let the water out so these parts stay dry, when not regularly cleaned the drain holes fill and then the water gas nowhere to go, it will however find voids to fill, leaks into the car to expose and general mischief.

My advice is therefore for owners or maintainers of vehicles to find and clean out these drains and pull the plug by rodding, poking and fre

eing the mud a compost preventing the water leaving by the correct exit

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