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​​Workshop Services​​​

We have a large and secure workshop based in Rusper, Just 10 minutes from Gatwick airport. 

We offer all our electrical services here from while you wait jobs to more extensive diagnostics and repairs on your vehicle. 

Sometimes your car may need to come to the workshop after an initial mobile appointment if something needs doing that is better repaired with workshop tools and space.

We can arrange a trusted transporter if your car isnt driveable & also a collection and delivery service locally. 

Cars can be dropped for a few hours, a day, or for a week if thats more convenient.

If your vehicle needs work doing to pass its MOT we can arrange to have this done for you whilst it is here.

We are also happy to drop you at the local farm cafe if you would like to have lunch or a coffee and cake whilst I work on your vehicle.

auto electrics workshop

When you call Sarah to book an appointment she will require a description of your issue, vehichle registration and a mobile number, she will arrange any drop offs, collections and send you details of where we are.

 If I need to discuss anything with you prior to you coming then Sarah will arrange this also.


Please note that we are unable to offer any facilities at the workshop other than seating and free Wi-Fi, we politely ask you do not bring pets or children to your appointment and that you remain in the workshop and yard area as we are based on a working family farm.




Dash lights/ Odb2 codes

codes read and reports produced

this will allow customers to choose to do the work themselves or by someone they choose or we can do the work.

Our service is multi level accesss

Our customers can either choose to just commission a report and diagnosis or include the work to be carried out.


Auto electric diagnostics and repairs, installs and replacements

Wiring faults traced, gremlins removed, banishing intermittent bugs no cranks non starts and drivability problems 6v, 12v and 24v

Drivability issues

complete analysis of fuel trims,O2 probe functions, induction function, EGR function test, Evap testing, hose and system integrity tests, non code issues and pending issues.

Many drivability issues spoil the driving experience without logging DTC's with this service issues can be extrapolated by collating the DATA manually.


Diagnostics , modern OBD

Typical full diagnostics including scoping and scanning plus visual inspection would normally be capped at £160 at which time we would inform the customer of the best way forward.


Classic car

Fault finding, loom repairs, fire damage repairs, loom installations and restoration, work on both classic and vintage vehicles.

Invisible audio and bluetooth systems can be fitted also.

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