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 Hello I'm Jay ,welcome to the Auto Electric Diagnostics Website.


 I offer a mobile and workshop auto electrician and diagnostics service covering Surrey, Sussex and parts of Kent and Hampshire. tailored to specific need of the enthusiasts, collectors and everyday motorists of both Modern and Classic ; European, American, Japanese autos' 6,12 and 24 volt .

I use both old fashioned knowledge, my 38yrs plus experience, literature old and new combined with the latest scopes, computers, digital testers and analogue equipment we can find ,repair or just diagnose the gremlins in your car wiring from engine management lights to bad wiring or those annoying intermittent faults. 


I can refit, repair or install partial or complete looms and harnesses to damaged, faulty or temperamental wiring systems in all forms of transport from agricultural through to commercial systems offering campervan installs and plant electrics. 

As an old fashioned  service I put great store in honest appraisal of each issue giving the customer the power to make informed decisions and capping the initial diagnostic costs. If it 'pumps' (or doesn't' pump') electrons or protons we strive to identify and repair your electrical systems. 

 If your daily driver through to the magnetic-powder coupling on your Isetta are giving you a headache or the engine light wont go out on your Subaru Forester right through to a no charge on your Allis Chalmers B we cover car, please give us a call to discuss your needs. Despite using advanced systems I use stripped down language to help customers feel part of the process.



Farm electrics, agricultural machinery diagnostics

   Farm vehicles 

Vintage wiring Desoto

Vintage car

classic vw wiring

Classic car

An Idea is Born

From being a small boy, being brought up in a traditional mixed service garage business (see the old photo),my passion for everything oily smelly and noisy has remained a pursuit that drives me to learn more and more...

Training is continual and every day is a school day. I use up to date data and online access to thousands of figures to help solve those niggles. 

Lately I have heard more and more; mechanic and technician friends and associates say how much they dislike modern electronic intervention in ever invasive ways included in the automotive industry. Otherwise brilliant mechanics simply dislike how electronics take them away from the oily bits. Back at school I had always loved physics so I could never understand this resistance to 'simple' principles' being included but then I am a geek about this stuff so it made sense for my love of science to meet my love of the internal combustion engine! I love being an auto electrician, I enjoy the daily challenged!

Me as a child
oscilloscope waveform

CANBUS and Modules


Increasingly car technology includes complicated electronics, here at AED we have up to date technology to help find and correct network problems with your vehicles or equipment, I am constantly updating my skill set and knowlege to best help my customers.

Classic american electrical repairs
32 ford electrical modifications

32 Ford 

Dodge viper

Dodge Viper

American modern autoelectrics

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